Curriculum Vitae

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My name is Wojtek.
This is my portfolio.


I play cajon, djembe and many other drums and percussions. Actively working in several music projects putting in practice experiences with bands I played with in the past. Over last 15 years I played on many stages in few countries. I have composed music for several short movies and animations. Tibetian Singing Bowls and sound therapy are my newest skills.

My main current music projects: San Escobar | The Non-Existent Band


I keep on carrying my camera with me doing all kinds of photos from architecture, landscapes and nature, over product photography, to portraits. I use digital and analog gear of many different image qualities. I prefer static and well composed frames.


I work with data and people everyday. The purpose of my role is to successfully deliver a project, no matter the subject. Agile approach in choosing and building tools that suit my needs is the key to drive actual changes.

  • 2 years of experience in PMO role with focus on coordination of Digital Transformation Projects;
  • MS: Excel, VBA, Power Query, Sharepoint, Power BI;
  • RPA, Process Mining; Businessoptix platform experience;
  • Personal projects acknowledged by organisation top level executives;
  • Project Management certificate by Virginia University;
  • Windows from 98 to 11, Linux root;
  • Agile, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum;


Few words about paper cranes

In Japanese culture, a crane (Tsuru, or つる) is a long living bird, one of the country’s symbols. Islands that belong to Japan, resemble a flying crane with their shape. That is why this bird is considered sacred.

It regulary leaves and comes back bringing wisdom and new experiences from distant places. Its appearance is a good omen, a sign of hope for better tomorrow. Considering the fact that cranes make couples for their whole lives, they also symbolize constancy and faithfulness.

Regardless the cultural circle, the above values we pursue to make good decisions in our lives and to become better people.

Why a crane?

There is a tradition of giving the young couple a thousand paper cranes to celebrate their wedding.

Professional development is a bit similar. That is why I choose crane to be the leitmotiv for my résumé.

Below you can watch a short video on how to turn my curriculum into a crane.